~Top Voter Update~

AmandaMarissa Retired posted Sep 20, 17

Do you have no motivation to vote because you're already extreme or higher? Well, be ready to compete for top voter again because we are changing the prize! Now, the top voter, no matter what rank, will win a $30 coupon code for our online store. This code will be good for one use and can be given to another player

*Note*: The prize will stay the equivalent price of extreme. The coupon will fluctuate with any discounts we are having at the time. For example, if we are having a 50% off discount, the coupon will be good for $15. 

BloodMaster2004 What if I use $15 and I still have 15 left what happens then can I re use it
Sammie__ Retired No expiry date for the coupons. It will stop working after it has been used.
BloodMaster2004 Is there a expiry date for the coupons